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With millions of dollars being spent by companies on Print, Online and Broadcast coverage, it is critical to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of their media strategy and messaging, manage crisis situations and correct media perceptions. Via TAGMedia, we can evaluate media coverage and tag articles daily, weekly or monthly to enable media evaluation and reporting.


As companies implement their social media strategies, we can provide a continuous stream of insights on the discussions, concerns and expectations from their social media audience. More and More companies are actively tracking unsolicited, continuous customer feedback and perceptions. TAGSocial provides tagging of behavior, interests, attitudes, perceptions, awareness, consideration for a service, product, person or event.


A typical scenario in most organizations is that each department subscribes to multiple journals and magazines, generates many, many research reports, much valuable data stored on individual laptops or data repositories but inaccessible or difficult to find. This results in decision making based on partial data. TAGReports aims to address this problem by working with clients to organize and tag any repository of reports within an organization for easy access and retrieval.


The key members of our team have been working with data, media, tagging, researching, reporting for 15+ years across a variety of companies.



Sandeep has years of experience in working with multiple Market Research companies in the field of Custom Research, Media Research and Primary Research for Pharmaceutical, CPG, Media, Market Research and other industries.



    Vrinda is responsible for the Global Sales, Relationship Management and Marketing at TAGFact. She also works on new products, strategy and innovation. Vrinda has spent 10+ years in Life Sciences related sales, managing large Global client relationships.



      Kartik, being the youngest member in the core team is energetic and passionate about growing the company. He heads the Financial department and looks after overall business development of the company.



        Siddharth Bose leads Operation at TAGFact and brings with him over 13 years of experience in Operations, Process, Quality and Vendor Management. Siddharth brings to TAGFact a stellar track record of developing, implementing and executing business growth strategies

          CASE STUDIES

          Print and Online Media Tagging

          • Our client is one of the leading media companies and needed support to evaluate and tag media coverage across Consumer Goods, Beverages, Lifestyle, Utilities, Insurance, Sports, Leisure, Automobile, Financial Services and Healthcare. The objective was to analyze articles that appear in print and online media, tag and classify the articles into client specified format to enable them to gauge trends, measure the effectiveness of their communication, improve messaging, understand spokesperson effectiveness and generate reports.
          • At the onset we agreed upon a set of key performance indicators, attributes and values for tagging
          • Articles were uploaded twice a week by our client into our online portal
          • Our experienced coders read, analyze and tag on an average 1500 articles each day. These articles are tagged for tone, message, sentiment, reporter name, publication.

          Social Media Tagging

          • Our client is a Leading Mobile Phone Company and wanted to find consumer sentiment towards its products and messaging effectiveness in relation to competitor products. They needed to understand which phone instrument is generating the highest levels of positive sentiment and why.
          • Our team reads the verbatisms and tags them for tonality and sentiment, behavior, interest and attitudes. Based on these insights our clients implement their brand and marketing strategies. We also provided a continuous stream of insightful tagging on online discussions, concerns and customer expectations.

          Knowledge Management Repository

          Our client had a repository of over 1000 publications spread across the organization and across departments. Partnering with an internal team, we first defined a set of attributes taking into account the kind of publications and the users. We then collected, tagged and organized the publications into a central repository for each access and timely use.

          OUR CLIENT

          Our Clients:

          • Media Measurement Teams
          • Media Monitoring Teams
          • Public Relations/Corporate Communications teams
          • Social Media Teams
          • Market Research Teams
          • Knowledge Management Teams
          • Big Data/Data Analytics Teams
          • Publishing Teams
          • Brand Teams
          • Regulatory Teams
          Languages we work with: - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean and Hindi


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          • Address: #16, 2nd Floor, Fateh Complex, S.Kariyappa Road, Basavangudi Bangalore-560004